Philipp’s Gin Of The Week – OCCITAN Gin

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Today I present the OCCITAN gin from Bordiga1888, Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy .

I search for local gins and the possibility to taste them whenever I get the chance while I’m traveling. This time, after a long and exhausting hiking tour, I stumbled into a cosy bar with a sophisticated gin portfolio: The Bar da Giò. There Nicolo recommended the OCCITAN gin to me!

Only handpicked juniper berries from the Occitan alps (area around Cuneo where the Occitan language is spoken) are used for OCCITAN London Dry Gin. The Gin has a very strong but lovely juniper taste combined with a light orange flavor. Nicolo served it with a P53 Indian Tonic Water from Sicily.

Be careful when you add the tonic!
Even if there is the strong juniper note OCCITAN is a very soft and sensible gin. So you will need less tonic than expected and please don’t overdose 😉!

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