Philipp’s Gin of The Week – Old Islandia Gin

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Old Islandia Gin – from the Volcanic Drinks Distillery

Another week passed… and another gin to be introduced…

Today I present you the Old Islandia Gin from the Volcanic Drinks Distillery, Reykjavi, Island.

The gin is made based on an old Icelandic recipe which was updated and improved step by step. The traditional Icelandic ingredients like juniper, coriander, ginger, angelica and further botanicals give it a very smooth and traditional taste. To get this unique taste the gin is distilled 7 times, filtered with through lava rock and blended with pure Icelandic spring water.

For a classic Gin and Tonic try it with a classic Indian Tonic water and a lemon zest.

Old Islandia Gin


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