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The London No1; Thames Distillers Limited

Another week passed… and another gin to be introduced…

Today I present The London Nº1 – Distilled Gin. Created by Charles Maxwell and distilled at the Thames Distillers Limited Distillery in London this gin is one of the rare real London gins. But it isn’t a London Dry Gin because the pale turquoise blue color is added after the distillation, which is a nice gimmick.

The London No1 is  a wonderful modern interpretation of a classic London Dry Gin (although technically it’s not). You can smell piney juniper and bright citrus notes. You taste the spices which seem to dominate the gin. So you have fireworks of impressions and on the same time a really well balanced classic gin.

It’s a strong gin with 47% ABV. You feel and taste the 47% but without any negative influences.

The 12 botanicals are: angelica root, orange peel, coriander, bergamot, cassia, savory, juniper of Dalmatia, lemon peel, almond, licorice, iris root, and cinnamon and number 13 the gardenia flower for the wonderful turquoise blue.

Enjoy it as a classic G&T, like I did, or mix it for a classic gin cocktail.

Here are some recommendations of G&T recipes.

Personally, I recommend to mix it with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic + Leon Zest + Juniper

The London No1 Recipes

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