Ralf’s Gin Of The Week – Gin Marconi 46

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Lets look at Ralf’s Gin Marconi 46

Gin Marconi 46 is an Italian gin produced in small batches under vacuum working stills in a water bath – with this distillation process are obtained intense aromas, pure flavor and long aromatic finish.

Marconi 46 presents an intense aroma of juniper, mountain pine, stone pine and mint on the nose; on the palate, hints of nutmeg add a touch of softness; elegant notes of cardamom with a long lasting finish.

I treated myself to the Marconi46 – the 46 here stands for the % by volume, as there is also the Marconi42 – with Mistelhain’s DASTONIC Signature Tonic Water and some grapes in front of the Christmas tree, and for me this is a sensational combination and a great start to the weekend and a great end to this year.

On that note, I wish you all a great start to the weekend and the best for 2023.

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Cheers and many great gins in the new year. 🎆🎇

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