Ralf’s Gin Of The Week – København Klassisk Lounge Gin

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København Klassisk Lounge Gin

Today I would like to introduce you to København Klassisk Lounge Gin from the Nordic Gin House range, the gin comes like its “siblings” (København Navy Strength Gin, København Klassisk Gin and København Pink Gin) in a stylistic bottle inspired by the traditional apothecary bottle and makes a great and high quality impression.

A few words from the Founder & Managing Director, Nordic Gin House, Jakob Vallentin: “The københavn klassisk Lounge Gin uses the award-winning three-stage maceration process, this creatively crafted gin is a modern twist on the classic London Dry. Distillation and micro evaporation combine the best of Nordic spruce, juniper, citrus and rose hips. Distillation takes about a day and the entire process more than 50 hours. Once the drinking strength is set, the gin is left to rest for about ten days.

This attention to detail and the resting process you notice this gin, the spruce and citrus fruits come nicely to the effect – the rosehip a rather rare botanical – makes the gin round and very special.
As a tonic fits here a classic India or even a dry tonic, I took here the Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and as a garnish with juniper berries. Here I can imagine but also a slice of orange well.
In this sense, starts well into the weekend …

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