Ralf´s Gin Of The Week – København Navy Strength Gin

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København Navy Strength Gin

København Navy Strength is a tribute to the old sailor tradition in a modern version.

A Navy Strength gin must have an alcohol content of at least 57%. From traditional stories, the gunpowder must also ignite when this came into contact with gin, so the Navy Strength Gin also bears the name Gunpowder Proof.

In my view, the København Navy Strength is a beautifully honest and straightforward gin without a lot of frills – that’s great. When you open the bottle, the freshness of citrus comes to your nose (in addition to the alcohol).
Pure at room temperature, you notice the gin in your mouth and throat, the 57.1% is definitely noticeable. On ice, the gin becomes rounder and a little milder but of course still nice and strong.

I treated myself to the København Navy Strength with a slice of lemon and Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water. It is a real pleasure.

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