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Momotaro Gin

Today I introduce you to the Momotaro Gin, this New Western Style Gin has intense fruity and fresh Japanese botanicals such as momo peach, yuzu lemon, sakura cherry blossom and sencha tea.

The name, the beautifully designed bottle and the botanicals suggest that this gin comes from Japan, but the Momotaro Gin comes from the Rhineland-Palatinate distillery Kaltenthaler.

Momotaro Gin

The gin has a great fruity and floral smell – the peach and lemon come through nicely in the nose and the taste is clearly underlined on the tongue.

I enjoyed the gin with the Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and a peach – the Mediterranean Tonic Water goes perfectly with it, the serve is fruity and soft.

A very interesting piece of information about this gin can be found in the GINferno.app

This gin is a homage to the Japanese legend of Momotaro: a brave young man who was born to a childless couple from a peach and who travels the world together with his three animal companions and protects them from monsters. Inspired by this traditional legend, handpicked botanicals such as momo peach, yuzu lemon, sakura cherry blossoms and sencha tea are distilled for the gin in the best craft manner.

In addition to the Momotaro Gin, the Kaltenthaler distillery also has the Momotaro Gin Kizaru, Momotaro Gin Akainu and Momotaro Ginzero with 0% alcohol in its portfolio.

Momotaro Gin

Next, I will treat myself to a nice gimlet or a gin cocktail with the gin of Kaltenthaler distillery, as I have found nice recipes for this.


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