Ralfs Gin Of The Week: The Elfer-Gin Waldfrucht

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Elfer-Gin Waldfrucht

Today I would like to introduce you to the Elfer gin Waldfrucht from @kwtgin.shop.
The Elfer-Gin comes from a small distillery from the Kleinwalsertal and is lovingly produced as a small batch. 1 batch includes 100 bottles! The Elfer-Gin Waldfrucht was originally intended as a Christmas gift – I find, however, in combination with fresh strawberries and Schweppes Wild Berry is an optimal summer gin. Served in a stylish balloon glass, it looks simply delicious.

The Elfer gin is different from a pink gin of the color clear. Despite or perhaps because of the mix of red and blue berries, the gin is not sweet, but balanced fruity – which I like very much. The color in the glass comes from the fresh strawberries and the Wild Berry.

Another great combination is the Elfer Gin Waldfrucht with Thomas Henry and a mix of forest berries (e.g. raspberries, blackberries, currants, …).
In this sense, Cheers and have a nice summer evening.

PS: The Elfer Gin Classic was also already presented to you with us!

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