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‘SIN-KO-NAH Tonic Syrup’ perfectly pair with ‘Wild Wombat Gin’

There are currently thousands of mixers for gin on the market and there are also more and more tonic syrups.
These are first mixed with soda and then mixed as normal with gin to make a delicious gin & tonic.

The SIN-KO-NAH Tonic Syrup comes from Down Under and is made from cinchona bark (the natural source of quinine), juniper and fresh citrus fruits.
The bittersweet taste goes perfectly with gin, but is also a pleasure without.

Tonic syrups offer flexibility. They allow you to determine the intensity of the flavor by adding the right amount.
And what’s more, tonic syrups last longer! They don’t go stale when stored in the fridge.

All that’s missing now is a good bottle of gin. Cheers.

Experience the delightful flavor of SIN-KO-NAH Tonic Syrup. :

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