Jens’ Gin Of The Week – Winchester Distillery Twisted Nose Dry Gin

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Twisted Nose Dry Gin

Last time I got something really tasty. The Winchester Distillery Twisted Nose Dry Gin.

I celebrated the first tasting – textbook-style, so to speak. Starting with a small amount of 2cl neat at room temperature. After the expected spiciness of the 40% alc. swept over the tongue, the familiar taste and spiciness of pepper remained in the second round of tasting. Plus something that reminded me of early childhood days: cress. But I only came up with it when I looked it up in the GINferno app – I admit it.

So tonight it’s time for step two. A Perfect Serve from the GINferno app will be tried.
A quick look in the fridge reveals that the recommended tonic is there: Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water. A truly impressive interplay has emerged. Here, the mathematics of “minus times minus gives plus” works self-explanatory, so to speak.

I can recommend the Twisted Nose without reservation for the first contact with the big, wide, boundlessly tasty world of gin.

Try this Gin:

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