Gin of the Week: Fireship 58, true to the fierce name

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FireShip 58 comes from the Thunderflower background with a difference

Today’s gin of the week comes from Tim, from Lower Kingswood in Surrey UK. The FireShip 58 makes a rather heroic entry to the list of awesome gin brands from around the world. The very identity of the gin is built upon the idea of warships that were used back in the 17th century for Naval warfare in England. They were loaded with combustibles that exploded and steered, all ablaze, right into the enemy’s fleet. You’re probably sensing where I’m going with this. Its all about being fiery and bold. FireShip 58 is an embodiment of the idea.

FireShip 58
FireShip 58

The botanical extravaganza

FireShip 58 is the Navy Strength gin, distilled in small batches in the London Dry method using vapour infusion to extract a complex, full-bodied flavour from the blend of botanicals from around the world. The botanicals include, as quoted on the official site of Thunderflower, cubebs, grains of paradise, calamus root, lemon peel, orange peel, lemon gras, liquorice, Angelica root, green cardamom, all spice, cassia, heather, marjoram and of course juniper and coriander. Trust me when I say this – you can tell most of the flavours apart in every sip you take. There’s a sharp taste that lingers on, and makes you believe the brand is titled right.

The Thunderflower canvas

FireShip 58
Thunderflower gins

FireShip 58 gin comes from the Thunderflower background.

There’s a very interesting story behind the Thunderflower name. An old Devonshire legend states that the rare, tiny white ‘thunderflowers’ that grow on thatched cottage roofs can ward off both lightning and witchcraft. Named after this flower is the Thunderflower distillery which was established in 2017 and launched its flagship gin ‘Thunderflower Gin’ in 2018, which is distilled with a ‘one shot’ vapour-infusion in their 200L pot still.

The flavours from this classic Thunderflower Gin feature as the canvas for FireShip 58 gin, with the sweet spice of Cardamom, Cassia and Liquorice blended with Juniper. Then there’s some more heat and spice with Grains of Paradise, and the Cubebs which bring a smokey spice note to the mix. Calamus root brings further sweet spice and with the addition of orange and lemon citrus peel that make the gin naturally sweet.

Inferably, this is not just a stronger version of the Thunderflower Gin, but a completely new recipe. Only pure Dartmoor spring water is added to dilute the spirit to 58% ABV. It’s a strong recipe true to its name, certainly one that gin lovers must try without fail.

Thunderflower is a brand well known for being a master of its art. You can check out more of their products and distillation techniques here. There are few brands that set themselves apart with credit to the distillation process. This is one such.

Making FireShip 58 stand out

The FireShip 58 comes into picture with its own identity, despite the backdrop that can easily overshadow everything. The higher ABV and full-bodied botanical flavour of Fireship helps it shine through in drinks where other gins will often be lost, holding it’s balance of spice, sweet and bitter flavours together. Try Fireship in a Negroni and you will still find the gin against Vermouth and Bitters. It makes for an ideal choice for practically any occasion, not barring itself out of any occasion.

It comes in a classic package that speaks well to seasoned gin lovers. There’s a sharpness to the very package that promises a definable experience from the very go. And if you are familiar with the Thunderflower experience, you will know the quality to expect. FireShip 58 confidently outshines its canvas and makes for a well recommended feature here!

Read about more strong gin recommendations on our blog. A similar brand is the Naturbummler Gin.

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